The experiment Yeast_302020_18 is the newborn of a material based practice. This project is merely experimental and functional. 
The main idea was to allow the yeast to move autonomously. The movement occurs because of the elasticity of the silicon and the metabolic process of fermentation. ​​​​​​​
 Material Experiment Udk - 2020
Fermentation process simplified.
The fermentation process happens when the yeast gets sugar or glucose to break down in the absence of oxygen, and as a result, yeast produces alcohol and Co2. The Yeast colony lives inside a silicon ball with different chambers in it. The Co2 production and the architecture of the silicon ball, let the yeast expand and move in various forms.

The research had three different steps:   1.Mold creation   2.Best yeast mix    3.Silicon Yeast Ball Movement
Mold creation first prototype.
Agar Agar, Soft Silicon and 3D prints.
3D model.
3D Printed mold.
Diagramm of Yeast_302020_18 system.
Best Mix of Yeast and its Quantities.
Material research and prototypes.
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