“Parallel” is a multimedia installation that displays the same scenario in different times and spaces. It is about a space between science and fiction that the spectator can fulfill. It is a space, not just physical, where everyday life objects (Chopsticks), alienated objects (silicons molds), organic (Agar-agar gelatin) and nonorganic (Scale), living (Yeast) and non-living (plastic medical instruments) matter joint to create a Fiction. It is not about the future but neither about the past. It is about generating a space for consciousness and producing various alternatives for our constantly changing society.
UDK - 2020 New Media Basics

“Parallel” is inspired in the metabolic process of fermentation, also known as anaerobic respiration and matter-ontology. Maria Capello combines research in an intellectual and material level to create an installation or communication room that takes place in different times and spaces.