'A world of Many Worlds' is a media installation and research project happening simultaneously in the digital and physical world. The initial point is a 3D-scanned tree root intertwined with concrete. These sculptural materials are part of a sidewalk in the Andean city of Quito. Next and after crossing an entrance, the viewer encounters a video projection. Finally, a Virtual Reality Headset hangs on the other side of the projection wall, it lets the visitors experience the tree's roots and concrete as a landscape. The idea was born after walking next to a rooster in Quito, where nature and culture are not opposites.
This project reflects on the parallel life of non-human agents in a city. How diverse it can be from city to city, nevertheless the rigid architectonical shapes exist and give the inhabitants guidelines on how to use the space. For example, a sidewalk is for walking. These stiff structures try to colonize the environment with sharp edges and straight lines ignoring other non-human agents' needs almost aggressively. Sometimes, the trees and other city inhabitants reclaim these spaces back.
​​​​​​​Photo credits. Ruven Wiegert